Kinemaster Black APK [Without Watermark]

If you’re looking for a video editor that’s easy to use and has powerful features, then KineMaster Black APK is a perfect choice. With tons of editing tools and filters available at your fingertips, there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your videos. Once you’ve finished editing your masterpiece, upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook with just one click.

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Information About Kinemaster Black APK

App Kinemaster Black
Developer Kinemaster Corporation
Version 8.1
Size 23 MB
Requirements 6.0 and up
Category Video Players & Editors
Get it on Google Play
Downloads 100M+
Google Play Ratings 4.3
Last Update 4 Days Ago

Features of KineMaster Black APK

This blog tells you about the amazing Features of Kinemaster Black APK. It is a video editor app for android devices. And it is used to create basic videos having some editing quality like slow-motion effects, changes in speed effect, etc. Let us discuss more features of the app in detail:

Muti-Track Video Editing

It is a free video editor app that supports multi-track video editing. You can create videos with sounds, music, or songs easily with this tool on Android devices because it has features like slow-motion effect, time-lapse, and change in speed works really nicely during the creation of videos by having multiple tracks at once. You can set advanced speed options quickly if you are using the Pro version of this app which makes everything easy to handle while making videos by applying different effects.


Trimming Option

The next amazing feature of the Kinemaster Black version is its Trim option where the user has to select the section they want to cut from their video clips along with having some advanced editing options as well as making the videos by using some effects like slow motion, fast motion and time-lapse. There are lots of apps available on the Google Play Store that provides advanced speed options for video creation but KineMaster is the best among them because of is completely free of cost.

Multiple Amazing Features

The last amazing feature about this tool is its Blending mode where there are lots of blending modes that you can use to create a special look on your videos which include Color Dodge, Screen, Multiply, etc. You can also smoothen skin tones with this option improves the overall quality of your video clips along with having some other features like zooming in or out from anywhere by simply tapping twice on the screen.

If you want to create a slow-motion video then first check the battery percentage on your device, if it is less than 50% then this app will lag on normal mode but you can use it at low speed after reducing frame rates from settings of this app.

Transition Effects

In Kinemaster Black there are lots of transition effects that may be used for applying automatically at the time of cutting videos from multiple clips and they include Fade In/Fade Out, Slide Left or right, etc.

This application comes with some social features that allow the user to share their works directly to different social media platforms without any problem because by using this feature anyone can watch created work easily and also download them on their devices.

Rotate Videos

There are some more amazing features of KineMaster Black that will be discussed below for your better understanding of this tool. It may also have a feature to rotate videos but not sure because I do not use it frequently so if you know about its rotation feature then share with us, please.

In case of delay during video creation by using this app, there is no need to worry about it because the overall process of creating a video takes only 10 – 15 minutes by adding text or background music and removing unwanted data from the clips before saving them on different storage supporting systems without any problem.

The next important thing here is that by using this application anyone can crop a section from a video easily along with having lots of advanced options for editing videos.

Add Text in Videos

This video editor works well on low-powered devices because there are some amazing features that can be used without an internet connection like adding text to your clips, creating photo slideshows by applying different effects smoothly along having good options for changing the playback speed of any clip without lagging other parts if you are using KineMaster Pro version.

There are several pre-designed titles available in the market which makes it easy for users to make use of them while making videos or photos by applying some effects but this one is also helpful as its default type provides a decent look during customization.

kinemaster black no watermark

Add Background Music

The next important feature of this tool is its Background music where you can add background music easily from your device instead of purchasing it from the online market or other sources.

You can play any video directly before adding music to it because by this, you will have a clear idea about the main song that has been added to make your videos more attractive and impressive.

This app comes with some interesting features like using slow-motion during capturing photos along with keeping the original resolution of images so that anyone can keep their saved data on different devices without any problem.

Manage Speed of App

The next important thing about Kinemaster is its speed option where there are three-speed options available for users but if want to create slideshows then must check out the screen recorder first which works quickly than video editor apps like KineMaster-Video Editor & Maker & SMM. You can check this out by visiting the play store from the browser of your device and looking for it.

Free to Download and Use

There are lots of video editing apps available in the market but they do not provide some great multiple features like KineMaster-Video Editor & Maker & SMM so if you want to try something new then must download it.

Better than Many Apps

Some people argue that this app is very similar to other android applications so there is no need to use it because if anyone wants an application with a decent look and amazing features then must check out first whether it fits their needs.

Add Lights and Stickers

If you are using KineMaster Black on your Android device then must turn off the option of GPS on your device because by doing so, you will be able to save battery power on your device smoothly without any problem.

The next important thing about this app, I want to tell you that if anyone is using KineMaster Black video editor & maker and SMM and want to unlock some amazing features like adding lights, stickers, and background music then they must purchase the pro version of it because by paying little money you can use lots of options for making videos or photos with the best quality.

Easy Settings

Here we will tell you about the best settings which should be used while editing any video or photo on your mobile device so that anyone can enjoy doing his work smoothly without lagging on screen.

If anyone wants to add a new clip from the gallery then must open another clip after adding one instead of opening the same clip multiple times because this may cause major problems during creating a video due to insufficient memory in the system of your device.

Color Correction Tool

The next important thing about the KineMaster Black APK is its color correction tool which increases the visibility of your videos so that anyone can watch them on any device without facing issues. You can even edit it according to your choice by changing the modes and also trying different types of filters so that you will be able to make sure about the quality after creating one.

Some people say that this app comes with lots of amazing features but still, they want more because if the user wants something they should pay for it otherwise someone else will take these things for free from him.

Free Tips

Now we are providing some tips for our readers who are using this application to create wonderful videos or photos without any problem. For doing this, you must tap the option of the bar and hold it for a few seconds so that you will be able to change different options like time, color, and even custom.

The last but not least, we want to tell you guys that if anyone wants to enjoy the KineMaster Pro APK then must download its pro version because it comes with lots of great features which are not available in the free version.

kinemaster black latest version

No Watermark

Whether you are a new or a professional video editor, you always need a professional video without any watermark. And when you don’t need a watermark in your video, you must use Kinemaster Black APK. It will always give you a watermark-free video.

No Ads

Another best thing about Kinemaster Black is it is an ads-free app and you will never be disturbed by rubbish ads while your work. So, give it a try today.

No Registration 

Just download the APK file by clicking on the above download button without any registration. It will work perfectly well without any harm.

Kinemaster Black APK Download Steps

Follow the below guide for downloading and installing this amazing app on your device.

  • First of all, click on the above download button and download the APK file
  • Now, go to the settings of your phone and enable the “Unknown Sources” from the security option
  • After this, tap on the downloaded APK file to start the installation
  • In the end, when installation is completed, you use the app by clicking on its icon

Common FAQs of Kinemaster Black APK

Here we will list all common FAQs in one place hoping that you could get all your doubts cleared regarding this powerful film-making app for android.

How can I Download Kinemaster Black APK?

You can Download Kinemaster Black APK from our website by following the above instructions without any hurdle. If you face any issue while downloading or installing this APK file, then must tell us in below comment section so that we can solve your problem.

Is Kinemaster Black APK safe?

Yes, you can find our site listed in the 100% trusted sites list. Our step-by-step guide will help you to download and install Kinemaster Black safely and easily.

Is Kinemaster Black for PC works well?

Yes, our given Kinemaster Black APK file works very well on all the devices like PC, Laptop, or Mac. All you need to do is to follow the above-given instructions for installing on your device. 

What should I do after downloading Kinemaster Black APK?

The first thing is getting a virtual machine like Bluestacks or YouWave. If you are using a new device, then you can skip this part. Now just follow our step-by-step guide to successfully install the Kinemaster black APK on your android phone or tablet. Don’t forget to activate the unknown sources option on your device before installing the Kinemaster black APK else it will not work on your PC.

How do I use Kinemaster Black APK?

You can learn how to use Kinemaster black APK from here. Or you can also watch some tutorial videos about the filmmaking app for android on YouTube if you still have any doubts regarding its usage. If you are facing any problems with Kinemaster Black APK, let us know in the comment section below. We try our best to help you out.

What is the difference between Kinemaster and Kinemaster Black APK?

The main difference between the Kinemaster Black APK and its original version is that the blue version includes ads while the black version does not have any ads. Another thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the android apps for movie making or editing is that you can use different video clips together to create a unique storyline which has never been offered by another similar kind of android app. Other than this, both share the same features except the floating windows problem due to which if you are using PIP mode then it will be captured in your device screen as well. You can watch our tutorial videos about how to fix the floating windows problem on Kinemaster black APK.


As we told you above, KineMaster Black APK is a powerful video editing app that allows you to create pro-quality videos with just your phone. It’s one of the only apps on iOS and Android that offers full-featured video editor tools for mobile devices, including multi-track timeline editing, looping video effects, slow-motion effects, panning shots, and more.

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