Kinemaster Premium Assets 2022 Free Download

If you are Kinemaster user, then you must know about the Kinemaster Premium Assets which you can use to make your ordinary videos premium. All the premium assets are of Kinemaster are locked and you have to pay the owners for unlocking these assets. Another method to unlock these is you have to watch ads in the app to unlock these Kinemaster premium assets.

You can perform all type of video editing in the Kinemaster without these assets. But if you want to make your videos next level for your audience (YouTube, FB, Tiktok audience), then you need all these assets unlocked. That’s why we are here to guide you about downloading these assets without paying a single penny.

Kinemaster Premium Assets Download

How to Download Kinemaster Premium Assets?

There are 2 ways of getting these Kinemaster Premium Assets Unlocked and below we have mentioned both methods.

Watch Ads

If you have installed from Google Play or Apple Store, then you have to watch ads inside the app to unlock these assets. There are many assets/tools which are unlocked by default but you will face limitations issue with these assets. So, you have to watch ads and get these tool unlocked for enjoying premium features of the app.

Use Kinemaster Mod

If you want to get everything unlocked in Kinemaster without paying single penny or watching irritating ads, then you have to download and install Kinemaster Mod APK. It is the modified version of original kinemaster app and has everything unlocked. This kinemaster Mod version is modified by the third party developers and you will get everything free without watching ads.

So these are the methods for getting Kinemaster Premium Assets Unlocked for free and without any hurdle. Go ahead and give it try right now.

What you will get with Kinemaster Mod?

There are unlimited editing tools in Kinemaster Store which you will get unlocked with Kinemaster Mod version to do next level editing. Some of the unlocked tools we mentioned below:

  • Overlays
  • Frame-by-Frame Trimming
  • Themes
  • Audio & Video Effects
  • All adjustments
  • Stickers
  • All Texts
  • Unlimited Animations
  • Instant-Preview
  • Music
  • Filters
  • Transition effects
  • Unlimited Fonts

These are the most prominent features/assets of the Kinemaster and if you want to get more features unlocked then must try our given Kinemaster Mod APK file. Best thing about this mod is you can use it on your smartphone as well as on your PC for free.


In end the we will say that Kinemaster is number one video editor in the world for smartphones. But for enjoying its premium features you need to unlock Kinemaster Premium Assets, otherwise, you will see a simple video editor. But for our special users like you, we have uploaded the Kinemaster Mod version which you can download and install for free and enjoy all these premium features for free. So, go ahead and give it try right now.

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