Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK 2023 (v6.4.3) [Fully Unlocked, Without Watermark]

Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK is a powerful video editor & movie maker app for Android users. It enables you to create pro-looking videos with just a few taps or drags. You can combine several clips from your Camera Roll into one, add music and effects then share the result instantly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp Status, TikTok, Snack Videos, Snapchat, and other social networks. Kinemaster is a free video editor with a lot of features including professional editing tools and a very intuitive interface.

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK is an extraordinary video editor app for Android users just Like Kinemaster Pro APK that enables you to create pro-looking videos with a few taps or drags. You can combine several clips from your Camera Roll into one, add music and effects, then share the result on social networks instantly.

In Kinemaster Diamond, hundreds of movie themes are available for free, which makes it possible to quickly make various kinds of videos such as TV shows intro videos, concert live show videos, sports highlights videos, themed birthday party videos, etc.



In addition, the YouTube video download feature lets you download high-quality video files directly from YouTube content providers while watching them without any wait time during the process.

Kinemaster has all the features you need to create your movie masterpiece simply and quickly. Starting with just a blank canvas, you can easily add text, photos, or video clips. Once completed, your movie is ready to be shared on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp Status, TikTok, and other social networks.

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About Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK

App Kinemaster Diamond
Developer Kinemaster Corporation
Version 6.4.3
Size 96 MB
Requirements Android 5.0 and up
Category Video Players & Editors
Get it on Google Play
Downloads 100M+
Google Play Ratings 4.3
Last Update 2 Days Ago

Key Features of Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK

Although Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK has unlimited, matchless features following are the most important that every video editor needs in the video editing tool. So, let us discuss these features one by one:

No Watermark

One of the best and most useful features of this Mod APK is, that it will not add a watermark to your videos when edit in this editor. So, if you want your videos without any watermark, then must use this Kinemaster Diamond. Because of this feature, Kinemaster Diamond is being used by millions of users. 

New User Interface (UI)

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK comes with a new UI that is very clean and intuitive for all kinds of users. The new update brings lots of changes in UI that will definitely make video editing simpler than ever before. You can edit your videos with either by classic timeline or storyboard editor. And you don’t need to worry about frame accuracy as the frame-by-frame edition is also available here.

Animation Packs

Just like in Kinemaster Prime, animation packs are free animated stickers that you can use to decorate your videos & movies. This app has thousands of animated stickers that you can add easily to your content.


Video Effects and Transitions

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK offers hundreds of free video effects and transitions for adding drama, elegance, and excitement to any video. It includes such categories as Basic video effects such as fade, old film, and sepia; Animated effects such as flying text or falling leaves; Dynamic transitions between scenes such as page flip or lightning flash; Specialized transitions for creating credits and captions, etc.

Video Filters and Backgrounds

Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK enables you to enhance the colors of your videos in multiple ways with different color filters like black & white, retro, or lomo style color filter presets available here.

Text Input, Overlays, and Subtitles

The text input feature enables you to add text to your videos. You can easily adjust the color, size, or thickness of overlay texts that are shown in your video or movie. Subtitles are another pro-level feature of the Kinemaster pro video editor app. It features several types of subtitles including white text subtitles, karaoke-style red/green colored lyrics subtitles, a customized styled subtitle menu to choose from, etc.

Draw & Stickers

Draw & Sticker Tools help you to draw & place stickers anywhere in any scene to create personalized content using different colors and styles available here. Additionally, you can rotate and resize them for adding more depth & meaning to the overall video.

Integrate External Video Clips

External video clips can also be integrated easily into your videos with this pro-level movie maker app. You can now upload external video clips stored on cloud drives like Google Drive or Dropbox, or download them directly from YouTube content providers without any wait time during the process. All you need is just enter the URL of the required video clip and Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK will seamlessly integrate it into your project for creating an ultimate masterpiece that impresses everyone.

Convenient Movie-Making Process

Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK offers you a convenient way to create amazing videos within minutes with high-precision controls available here. Once you are done editing your videos, you can easily share them on social media platforms directly from this app.

Customizable Controls

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK comes with a customizable user interface that makes it easier to create professional-quality movies with ease & comfort. You just need some time to become familiarized with the controls and then enjoy creating impressive videos for your own pleasure or commercial purposes. This Pro-level video editing tool is available only on Android devices, but the iOS version of the Kinemaster app is also in the works at the moment and will be released soon.

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Video Trimmer Tool

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK offers an integrated Video Trimmer that lets you easily cut out unwanted parts of your video clips. It is an automatic process that analyses the overall video and cuts out unneeded sections automatically. However, it also gives you full control over the trimming process by providing intuitive controls like slide bars or manual touch to select any portion you want to chop off in your videos. Once the trimming task is done, you can move forward in your Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK journey with great ease & comfort.

Auto Enhance Feature

The auto Enhance feature of this pro-level movie maker app allows you to improve all qualities (clarity, color balance, volume) of any selected video or movie clip with just a single tap. You can also adjust these enhancements according to your personal preference by sliding the bar for various parameters that are available here.

Integrate Music Clips

This Pro-level movie maker app allows you to add music clips of your choice into videos easily. Once you have added the required music file, you can preview it in action before saving it on your Android device! It’s one of the best features available inside the Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK package for sure.

Multiple Sharing Options

Once you are done creating amazing videos using this pro-level movie-making tool, you can directly share them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, or Whatsapp for getting a huge number of views in a very short time.

Ultra HD Resolution Available 

Ultra HD resolution with this pro-level movie maker app will give you amazing clarity and detail in your videos that are quite unforgettable after you get the hang of creating such videos using this powerful video editing tool on your Android device! The more you use it, the better its functionality and performance.

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Easy to Use & Flexible User Interface

As we mentioned earlier, Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK is extremely easy to use even for beginners who want to create awesome movies without any professional guidance. However, if you wish to gain more control over the process, you can also enable expert-level features inside this Pro-level movie-making tool to take your video editing skills a notch higher.

Movie Trimming Option

The integrated video trimmer of Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK allows you to easily cut out parts from movies that have been recorded with your Android device’s camera or downloaded from online sources like YouTube etc. In addition, you can also edit these trimmed-out parts as per your preference by adding filters, transitions, and other effects for enhancing their quality furthermore.

Powerful Resizing Tools Available for Video Editing

You have the power to resize any video clip by dragging the slider bar manually or manually tapping on it for precise control over scaling options. As a result, you can make any video fit for working on different screen sizes from mobile devices to TV screens with the help of this Pro-level movie maker tool.

Audio Trimming Options

You don’t need any special knowledge or training to trim out parts or audio/video clips using Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK. Just select the video clip which you want to cut down and hit the “Trim” button that’s available inside this pro-level movie maker app. Then use the slider bar provided just beside it for selecting the start & endpoints of your desired clips before hitting save! It’s that easy to get done with this task in no time finally.

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Add Background Music

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK provides you with a lot of options for adding background music to the videos that you have created using this pro-level movie maker app. You can choose from a wide range of music clips provided inside it or add any other songs in MP3 format in order to enhance their video quality furthermore.

No Root Needed

Another best feature of this amazing video editor Mod APK file, you don’t need any Root to install and use it on your device. So, go ahead and give it a try right now without wasting much time.

No Registration Needed

Also, you don’t need any registration or login for using this video editor. This feature of the app shows its simplicity and tells us how easy is this tool for both newbies and professionals. 

No Ads

Another amazing thing about this Mod APK file is, that it doesn’t have any ads. Many apps and games on the internet have annoying ads that destroy the user experience. But in this Mod APK, you will not see any single ad that can disturb you while video editing. 


Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK for Android

As we all know Android is a prominent operating system in the arena right now when it comes to mobile devices. Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK for Android is one of the best video editors for Android operating systems. If you want to be a professional video editor using your android phone, then must try this amazing tool called Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK for Android. You will not only enjoy the UI/UX of this fantastic editor but also you will change your normal videos to the most professional videos ever.

Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK for PC

Not only on Android devices but you can also use Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK for PC as well. If you are a beginner and don’t know about Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK for PC, then you should read this article till the end. You will get all your answers related to Kinemaster Diamond Pro on PC in this article. In order to download Kinemaster diamond Pro APK for PC, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to download the APK file of this amazing video editor on your PC.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod for Mac/iOS/iPhone

Are you looking for a Kinemaster diamond Mod APK for iOS/iPhone/Mac? If yes, then this is the right place where you will get all the information about Kinemaster diamond Pro APK for iOS. Nowadays everyone has their own smartphone and it’s one of the best tools through which anyone can edit any video content.

A lot of people are searching for Kinemaster diamond pro to download on iOS so that they can edit their videos with the help of this amazing video editor app available on the iOS platform. If yes, then you are at the right place where you will get all the information about Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK for iPhone/iPad. Just click on the following button.

Requirements for Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK

Although you don’t need any specific things to run and work with Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK. But still, you need the following few things to consider while using it and getting better results:

  • Latest Version of Devices you have
  • Good operating systems (Latest Android, iOS, or PC)
  • 4K Supported device for exporting videos in high quality

What’s New in Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK

  • Minor Bugs are fixed by the Developers
  • It is now working well on all Devices
  • A lot of new features are added to it
  • UI/UX is improved in the latest version

Common FAQs About Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK

What are the features of Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK?

Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK comes with a wide range of amazing features which you will love to use. Some of the main features are given above in this article for your convenience.

What are the system requirements for Kinemaster Diamond Pro APK?

Although you don’t need any specific things to run and work with Kinemaster diamond pro, still, you need 4 K-supported devices for exporting videos in high quality.

Is it possible to download Kinemaster Diamond Pro on Android/iOS/PC/Apple? If yes, then how can I download it?

Yes, you can download Kinemaster Diamond Pro on Android/iOS/PC/Mac using the official links given above.

How much does this app cost to get started?

Kinemaster diamond pro is totally free for everyone to use. But in order to get access to some advanced features, you will have to spend a little amount of money.

Is it possible to use this app for commercial purposes?

Yes, there are no restrictions on using Kinemaster diamond pro APK for any commercial purposes. Just try your best and improve your skills with this amazing editor available on Android/iOS/PC/Mac.

What are the supported platforms for Kinemaster Diamond Pro Mod APK?

Kinemaster diamond pro is available on Android, iOS, and PC/Mac which means you can use it on any platform of your choice.

How much time will this app take to load?

The loading speed of this editor totally depends upon your internet connection. If you have a good internet connection, then it will take almost 1-2 minutes to load within 100%. Otherwise, if you are using a slow internet connection then it might take more time to load the editor.

Is Kinemaster Diamond APK/Mod, safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use on all of your devices. Because this file is tested by our team before uploading it on our website for users. So, use it without any tension.


Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK is the only APK editor that lets you edit any Android package file, with no professional video editing skills needed. It’s a powerful tool for developers to modify their apps without recompiling them from scratch. It is equally best for both new and professional video editors. Give it a try today.

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