Use of Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro 2023

In this article, we are going to discuss How to Use Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro because Kinemaster is not only a video editor but you can do wonders with it. It can change your normal videos to extraordinary with just simple steps and with a very basic knowledge of video editing.

Although there are unlimited useful tools in Kinemaster Handwriting tool is more useful and important for every video editor. You will understand it’s important when you will use this amazing tool while your video editing.

How to Use Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro

What is Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro?

Before going about how to use handwriting in kinemaster, we should first know about Handwriting in Kinemaster. So, handwriting is a tool in Kinemaster pro that you can use for highlighting a certain area in your video to add shapes or pointers by adding a new layer.

There are many brushes and shapes available in Kinemaster Pro that you can utilize to do editing work more professionally. Because of these extraordinary features of Kinemaster, it is one of the best video editors in the world and has millions of users around the world.

How to use Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro?

Now, let us discuss our main topic and clear all your confusion about it. So, let’s start:

Open Kinemaster App

First of all, open the Kinemaster app on your phone

Open Any Project

Now, open any of your videos where you want to use handwriting

Look for the Layer Option

You will see a layer option in the editor after opening the video in the tool

See Handwriting Option

Click on this layer option and you will see the handwriting tool option

See Brushes or Shapes

Click on it and you will brush different shapes here

Choose Brush or Shape

Choose any of brush or shape you liked from here

Choose Any Color

You can also change the color of your shaped or brush you added

All Done

That’s how you can add handwriting in your videos while using Kinemaster pro

The basic purpose of using this handwriting tool in kinemaster is to make your videos prominent. But you can also use it for professional purposes as well.

Advantages of Using Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro

Definitely the purpose of adding Handwriting tool in Kinemaster pro is add value in the tool and give more benefits to the users. Following are the advantages of this tool:

  • You can add multiple shapes with this tool
  • You write anything you want in your videos
  • Help you to create youtube tutorials with shapes or text easily
  • Turn normal videos to more catch by adding handwriting layer

These are the most prominent advantages of this layer and you can experience more features after using this tool.


So that’s all about “Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro” and we end it with the hope that your confusions are cleared now. But if you are facing any issue then you can let us know in the comment section and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Now do share this article with your friends because we believe in sharing is caring.

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